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We believe in the value of carefully selected and slower shopping. 

Therefore we offer a selection of items which are not related to fast rushing trends and time.

Design that looks at longer cycles of human behavior and sustainability.


We don't aim to create and promote just the products , but we would like to introduce also the people and process behind every single piece. With every design, you’ll have a glimps into the tradition of the craftsman and into the entire production chain.


Every design is one of a kind as consequence for the unique work of craftspeople.


Sometimes it is necessary to use more time in order to do things in a beautiful way. 

That's why we promote Design that studies the concept of natural time cycles and incorporates them into the design and manufacturing processes.


Sometimes it is important to use local raw-material resource, rather than shipping cheaper material around the globe.

That's why we promote design that takes into account local or regional culture both as a source of inspiration and as an important consideration for the design outcome.

Craftsmanship and quality is the counterweight to mass production and a consumer behaviour that has lost its proportions.


We believe that all our products take into account deeper well being and the findings of positive psychology

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