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We collaborate with artist and artisan people around the globe, gathering their unique artworks in the ATEM:META collection.

Every piece is a one-of-a-kind piece and is selected for its intrinsic beauty and testimonial of artistic craftsmanship.

ATEM_META gives you the opportunity to experience a large variety of artisanal skills by visiting our workshops. check it out!

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We provide textile art, ceramic and art courses for students, children and adults of all ages.

All our classes are based on experiential learning and provide you the fundamental knowledge to enfold your creativity 


This month featured artist

Every month ATEM_META features one artist and his inspiring work to share with you.

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Schermata 2020-11-17 alle 17.38.33.png
Schermata 2020-11-17 alle 17.38.47.png
Schermata 2020-11-17 alle 17.39.17.png

Silvia Zagni​

she works mainly with the earth of her land, just outside of Bologna. Silvia's work focuses on sculptural vases. She creates astonishing organic forms, mainly inspired by nature. By mixing various metals and other recycled materials into the clay , she creates incredible beautiful surfaces. 

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